If you're diabetic, whether Type 1 or Type 2, non-insulin dependent or insulin dependent, this so-called silent killer disease must have bothered you a lot. With diabetes, creeps in so many other complications, slowly and steadily, you cannot avoid it. You must have looked out for home remedies for diabetes, healthy diet to control your sugar levels and your aim was to keep a perfect HbA1C percentage. Your doctor must have told you about lifestyle changes, walking etc.

I lost my mother after a 25 years long history of Type 2 diabetes, she was 69 years when she passed away and the reason of death was not diabetes, but associated sickness due to diabetes. Yes, her kidneys failed. And guess what? She was much well within healthy HbA1C percentage. Allopathy isn't going to help. That's it. The pharma industry says, "create patients".

Some of you might have also heard about and even consulted Dr. Pankaj Naram, the self proclaimed master healer, spent thousands of bucks by trusting him? That's not your fault. I also did. But that, I'll discuss in another post.

Let me describe my personal experience. When I was diagnosed with T2DM (type 2 diabetes mellitus) my fasting sugar level was 150 mg/dl. I was immediately asked to control diet, start walking 30 minutes a day. I started that right away, because, I saw my mother's sufferings for 25 years and ultimately her shocking cardiac arrest right in front of my eyes. I didn't want that for myself.

Earlier, I had written about Ayurvedic remedies by Dr. L.N. Maity. He is a man who has extensively researched on Ayurveda and he makes his own medicines. I rushed to him, when nothing was working out for me and natural home remedies seemed to be a joke, starving me day by day.

Wokhardt Sugarcheck Advnce, blood sugar testing at home
Dr. L.N. Maity has a superb formulation for diabetic patients. Instant results within 24-48 hours, if your sugar levels aren't shockingly high. Guess what, today when I am writing this, my pre-dinner blood sugar level is 77 mg/dl, with Dr. Maity's medicine.

Now, I can eat tasty food - occasionally, you can see - if someone's pre-dinner blood sugar legel is 77 then he's ready for good food!

But, after taking Dr. Pankaj Naram's exorbitantly costly medications for a month, by sugar level shot up to 261 mg/dl and I was so sad seeing it. I had no worries, as I had Dr. L.N. Maity's medicine at hand, that soon controlled the situation.

Allow me to tell you, if you're not highly diabetic, then regular consumption of Dr. Maity's medicine might make your sugar level fall, that's hypoglycemia! Regular monitoring is needed, so effective is Dr. Maity's medicine!

Want to meet Dr. Maity? Tell me in comments. I am not claiming any miracle, not any magic, but being a patient myself, I am telling you that at a very low cost you can take over enough control on your diabetes.

Yes, along side this, obviously I have quit sugar, I eat low carbohydrate food, but friends, I am not starving. Occasionally, I am also able to consume sweets on our holy festivities, without any worries. You must follow some minimum basic dietary restrictions, then you'll be worry free with Dr. Maity's medicine.

Dr. Maity has medicines for so many other diseases. He's honest, if he doesn't have the medicine for your sickness, he'll tell you clearly. He's not only a doctor, he's research scholar on ayurveda.

I wish you all the very best of health.
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