Hello guests! I'm posting here after almost a year. Meanwhile, it was a period of turmoil in my family, mom was in hospital. Finally, she passed away on the early morning of 30th December 2018, due to diabetic nephropathy. She suffered two cardiac arrests.

My mom has been a diabetic since last 25 years. She was on insulin for 18 years or so. Additionally, she had hypertension. Being the only child of my parents, I had hectic time, trying to keep my mom well.

In the last one year, she had been on consultation with a nephrologist, Dr. Arpita (Lahiri) Roychoudhury, at AMRI, Dhakuria, Kolkata. Around October 2018, her creatinine level reached up to 5.45 and doctor advised for creation of A-V Fistula creation, should dialysis be needed. But by December, she gradually weakened and had to be admitted into hospital, her serum urea was found to be around 400, creatinine was 11.5 and she had high level of potassium, around 8.

Our ancestral house is being redeveloped, so we shifted to a rented apartment last year in June 21st. I lost mom within six months after shifting to new temporary home. So, sadly enough, mom could not see the new house.

Now, I am living with my dad, who's 84-yrs-old. Life has been harder, without mom. After a month of her demise, I've been diagnosed with Grade-I Diastolic Dysfunction, Loss of Lordosis & Osteophytes in cervical spine; additionally, fatty liver, small renal cortical cysts in both kidneys and high cholesterol. I'm living in a great amount of pain, sometimes unbearable.

Lastly, I'd like to state here that I'd try to find time and keep posting on a regular basis in future.


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