The admission to undergraduate courses in various colleges in Kolkata are in full swing right now, after publication of the results of higher secondary examination. I am keeping in touch with admission procedure of one student and I observed that BESC ~ The Bhawanipur Education Society College has resorted to a money minded system rather than a academic system. They followed a strange and out of their own schedule in case of online application.
Here's how it is weird and a money minded game. The college has published their first merit list much ahead of the date they notified. Then, the BES college wants students to deposit handsome figure of admission fees first, even before they verify students' documents and finalize if fit for admission.

Secondly, it has been notified on behalf of college that admission fees have to be deposited within 2 days of publication of merit list (published 31st May, 2016) but also said that the last date is 6th of June 2016. How strange is that? "Within 2 days of publication of merit list" becomes 2nd June. Then how come last date falls on 6th June?

Thirdly, a student must, first, deposit admission fees, and then wait seven days for Email / SMS from college for verification date at venue. The strangeness continues. A student cannot take along with him / her their parents, guardians or family friends. So, experts will meet guys and girls who just turned 18 who are not so widely experienced and matured enough to meet all kinds of situations. Unfair. They're sending SMS for depositing money to the parents/guardians because college know who pays, and want the student alone for verification of documents - must be something hidden in there!

And why admission fees first and verification and admission after seven days? So, if any student requires to meet additional documentation, his/her parents/guardians cannot assist him/her and if he/she gets disqualified on the college's game of do it "within 2 days", they retain the handsome admission fees. Admission of student is not their goal or the prime idea of education? All other colleges have instructed to get admission clearance first, then to deposit admission fees.

If The Bhowanipur Education Society College is sharply aiming at money, then there's something terribly wrong inside there in their books of wealth. I studied in this college, 1987 to 1991, and I tell you, this college's behaviour was not like this. All of it seems very fishy. Very much sad and offended seeing this.


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