The entire hype created by the company about it's Mblaze Ultra 3G+ Wi-Fi has gone down the drains. Rotten right now. Today, after ages, I logged on to the site and what am I seeing in their 'shop' page there? A dead link. Page and the idea not found. The device shopping link I had followed from their main page. Right now there are no television ads, the internet baby is gone. Probably grown up and understood.

MTS couldn't survive. It had no future. Basically, a miscalculated venture by the company. Users in India mostly use two types of Internet connectivity. The most popular is wireline internet provided by local entrepreneurs which come at a very cheap price and they're constantly improving their services. Secondly, users have smartphones and on the move they need mobile Internet packs. Right now, I am using a WishNet broadband unlimited plan, where I spend Rs. 650 per month and I get 4Mbps (12am-12noon) and 2Mbps (12noon-12am). Pretty good, no?

And what's MTS Mblaze Ultra 3G+ Wi-Fi offering? 5GB at Rs. 499 and the saddest offer is, 10GB day and 10GB night data at Rs. 999. Horribly costly. And, from my own experience, the speeds are 2Mbps maximum - that too, with a antenna they fitted on my roof top and practically made a wireless device a wired device. Insane!

My WishCharm data plan is deployed via Wi-Fi router, so it's pretty much wireless. All my devices are connected. I use 3G/4G mobile data only when I'm outside home. Rs. 251 gives me 1GB 4G data on the Vodafone SuperNet. Many a times, Vodafone offers 1GB at a mere Rs. 147 (double data offer).

So, how's MTS scoring? NIL. Failed terribly. All the investment wasted. The employees have an uncertain future. Company might have to exit from business or totally change their ideas and offers.


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