From quite some some time I am noticing the Uber taxi offers and promo codes game. Much has changed in the sphere of Uber taxi free rides in less than a year. New users used to get 2 free rides, worth Rs. 250 each, which has undergone several confusing changes. Now it's 1 free ride, worth Rs. 150. On the Uber referral system earned free rides as well, nothing seems to be well enough.

Users got emails stating "refer 3 people and earn 18 discounted rides". Earlier, Uber also kept sending emails stating, "take 3 rides before <date> and get 100 free rides"!!! Very soon it changed to 18 discounted rides upon 3 referrals. Crazy! But reveals everything's wrong in there now. This trend of "take three rides before <date>" is being kept up by Uber. All kinds of funny offers are being made on this trend.

Nobody knows who, or if anyone at all, won those 100 free rides. Nobody knows who qualified for those 18 discounted rides. The value of one free ride saw change from Rs. 250 to Rs. 150 and then Rs. 50 only.

Right now, a uberPOOL system is being trending in Twitter. They're accommodating 2 separate pickup requests, 2 persons per request, that makes four people in the car pool - the idea of a shuttle taxi basically, with some terms & conditions.

Uber also introduced a cancellation fee. Rs. 60, even if you had to cancel due to driver's issues. I was charged Rs. 60 because I had to cancel a pickup request due to driver refusing me to pick me up and he wanted me to walk up to his cab location.

Last week, for Udaipur only, Uber introduced a flat Rs. 40 ride fare for upto first 8 kilometers, after that, regular fares apply.

More surprises sure to come from Uber, in the days ahead, if I am not wrong. Keep it simple, Uber. The better. For you and for us.


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