First of all, this is one post I really hate to write in my personal blog. But this is about my place of birth, my hometown, Coochbehar, situated in the northern part of West Bengal, a small heritage town. The last time I visited Coochbehar was in January 2010. My relatives who used to live there, have now ceased to exist, hence now I don't have a place to stay up over there, I have to stay in a hotel.

Here's the scenario: a very close friend of mine was hearing about my hometown since a long time and expressed great desire to visit Coochbehar. BUT, now comes the twist: my friend is a female, I am a male, hence several hotels have sternly refused, denied stating that "we don't allow THAT here".

jenkins school, coochbehar

Now, THAT means what? It's obvious, isn't it? This wouldn't have been if my friend was a male. But even in case of a female friend, does a couple travel 700 kilometers to spend one night of privacy  in a place which isn't usually visited for tourism?

The hotels which denied, refused, rejected: Hotel Maharani Palace, BD Hotel, Hotel Yubaraj and some more. Lastly, I had to resort to Government Railway Retiring Room at New Coochbehar station, where they abide by laws of the land. A ray of hope, Hotel Ellora told me they'd welcome us. Time will tell.

I haven't yet started my journey to my hometown, but some strangely backdated people running hospitality industry in Coochbehar has created a shocking impression in my friend's mind and a bad insulting situation for me.

I'll update my practical experience as and when it happens. I'm starting journey on 19th.

Before I finish, let me also put on record, HolidayIQ refused to publish my reviews for the above hotels stating that it is against their policy.

1) Hotel Ellora received us with a warm response.
2) HolidayIQ finally published my review of Hotel Maharani Palace


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