Uber taxi service in Kolkata has, no doubt, delighted many taxi riders, but, for me and my family this has turned out to be nothing else but a nonsense. You might ask, "how"? Okay, here's why....!

Uber didn't understand some delicate aspects of Indian families. Their policy of "one device one account" might sound just good and if it is, it is from their business point of view only.

We're only three in our family, me, my mom and dad. I heard about "free rides" but I didn't know it was for new users only, before that I had already created my account and since it was without someone's referral, I didn't get any free rides.

I thought, okay my mom and dad had their numbers unregistered yet, so I arranged 2 free rides for them. I own one smartphone and one tab. My aged parents never used smartphones. So, as per Uber's policy, all our accounts got banned.

Incidentally, I have never been able to place any request for pickup. I have not committed any sin. Just a policy violation, that too, before it was implemented by Uber.

I had proudly told mom, you're going out of city for a holiday, your son has arranged free rides for you and dad! Mom was astonished, "free rides", she exclaimed, why on earth will Uber do that favor to people, it must be untrue.

Ahh, yes, mom was right! Now I banned Uber from my future thoughts. Whenever any friend or relative needs a taxi, I'd opine against Uber taxi. Futhermore, it's NOT for everyone. It is only for the smartphone and tablet users. And, after seeing the newly implemented ridiculously idiotic policy, I feel I'm glad that I'm not a Uber taxi rider.


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