The very first line goes like this: be very careful and be very cautious about using Uber taxi/cab service. A vigilant look around the Web will reveal a lot of complaints, many of those very serious ones, about Uber taxi service nationwide. For example, read through these complaints -

Now, here goes my story. I've heard from folks that Uber is giving free rides to new users, worth Rs. 250/-; if you can refer friends, they too get one such free ride, and you also get one. At first, my father and mother refused to believe this story. 

So, I created two accounts for my mother, with two of her mobile numbers. She required it on the 16th of November, early in the morning. When I was requesting pickup, the Uber Android app first prompted, "sorry, there was an error processing your request", then the app prompted, "user account has been banned". This happened in both the accounts for both the SIM cards. As a result, my parents didn't get their free rides, and couldn't even get a chance to ride by paying cash as the accounts were banned. 

When I tried for a cash ride for my parents from my own account, that too got banned.

On the whole, mom, dad and myself, all three of us are banned without committing any offence, without requesting pickup ever and we can never use Uber taxi service ever in our life - there's no first time, no last time: we're banned. REASONS UNKNOWN.

Forget free rides, we cannot even ride by paying cash. So? What's Uber for us? It's a useless thing. And if you read those other complaints, you're gonna be terrified. But yes, some people are happy, but me and my family didn't get a chance. 

Is NOT my loss. I am a rider who pays cash, not greedy for free rides, so, for me, Uber isn't the last option. I'll ride, my life won't stop with this ban. I sent my mom and dad to their destination, using another service.

Good luck Uber, really. 


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