I wanted two Airtel connections, one new prepaid kit for my mother, another MNP kit, to be ported out of Vodafone and ported in to Airtel. In South Kolkata region, I visited three Airtel brand stores. Below is a list of common opinions of Airtel staff :-

1) Sorry sir, we do not have prepaid MNP SIM, kindly visit after a week.
2) New Airtel prepaid SIM kit costs Rs. 299/-, Rs. 499/-.....
3) Every staff insisting that initially I port in to POSTPAID, then after 3 months I can switch to prepaid.
4) For MNP, visit any local third party retailer and they'll solve it.

☆ Firstly, I couldn't belive that a new prepaid SIM kit can cost like that! 
☆ Secondly, how come the big brand stores don't have prepaid MNP SIM kits especially when they have put citywide banner ads?
☆ Thirdly, why that trick - come into postpaid and then switchover to prepaid?
☆ Lastly, it's unbelievable that a Airtel brand store advising me to go to third party retailer!

Finally, here's what happened at third party retailer:-
▪ Purchased a new Airtel prepaid kit with Rs.100/-, benefits of which are still unknown to me, but after activation, I see balance is NIL. However, retailer said there will be talktime over Rs. 58 or so...
▪ Submitted my UPC and porting documents with retailer, still got no MNP SIM, which, I am to collect after two days! Will follow up and update here. 

God knows how this retailer will rightly tag my porting number with UPC and deliver me the exact MNP SIM kit! 

God help me!

(Image taken from Airtel's Twitter)


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