The next noon after I lost my mobile phone, my General Diary was filed at the police station and it contained the details of the two SIM Cards I had in that phone. This was important in order to obtain replacement SIM cards from both my service providers. And, my this post is about this experience. 

Since my phone was a dual SIM phone, I had to visit two mobile service providers for the purpose of reissuing my lost/stolen SIM Cards. They are, Vodafone and Aircel. From the police station, I set out for the nearest Aircel Store first. 

There, my task was very smooth. Along with the necessary replacement charges of 30 rupees, I had to submit a copy of the general diary, a copy of my identity proof and a passport size photo. Aircel activated my replacement SIM after 8 pm (they don't do it before that hour anyway). Thus, one of my numbers was activated. 

Next, I heard for the Vodafone Store, where they had a surprise for me. And, This may be a new kind of information for many of you. My number was ported into Vodafone, in January 2012, via MNP. So, Vodafone told me about non-availability of MNP SIM and it will take seven days for stocks to arrive. 

For me, this was a shocker. Oops!!! After quitting Airtel and remaining as a loyal customer of Vodafone for three years, this beautiful zoozoo is telling me that I am like an outsider and an untouchable, that my replacement SIM is a different one, different type! Well.... what could I do, I was struck. Had to wait from 11th till 17th, and when I am composing this, 8:50 pm, my new SIM isn't activated yet. 

Dearest Vodafone, I had a death in the relative circle during this time of compulsory waiting and my people had to go through much difficulty in contacting me. You compelled me to think about it. Hmm, should I port out again? 

I never lost my phone, so my experience of reissuing SIM is the first time ever. And God bless me, the last time this should be. 


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