Recently, I was reading a blog post written by Indian professional wedding photographer Arjun Kartha Photography. He wrote about why the cost of wedding photography in India is as costly as anywhere else in the world. I want to add, it's not only about wedding photography, it's about all kinds of professional photography the cost isn't cheap in India.

There's more to this issue. What about the amateurs? Aren't they humans? Aren't they good photographers? Do they get all equipments free of cost from God? To get noticed in the crowd of excellent professional photographers all around, an amateur has to work even more hard, knowing very well that there's no monetary return, because photography is their hobby, photography is their love.

Why will an amateur have to work even more hard? It's because of that very cost factor. Professionals buy equipments and they know they'll charge their customers accordingly, so there's no tention buying good gear. But for an amateur, it's really a pain.

A professional can do photography as a whole time work, amateurs can't, because they do something else for their living. Photography is photography, no matter who is doing it, be it a professional or an amateur - the cost and labour is same for both, professionals earn back and amateurs don't. 

But the invisible competition is there! Nobody will notice an amateur's work if it's not in the same level of a professional. People see an amateur's work and simply forget it afterward.

A professional, if required to travel for his job, is paid by the client. An amateur has to pay everything from his own pocket if he wants to go to other beautiful places of the world to gather splendid photos. Nobody pays.

Yes yes, an amateur's cost includes computers, software, websites, social media propagation and all that. Not a bit less work or cost than a professional's.

An amateur is not exempted from anything.