To commemorate the Diamond Jubilee year of South Point School & High School, it has been decided to prepare a time capsule and seal it, to be opened 40 years later in the centenary year of the School’s foundation in 2054. The contents of the capsule will provide a glimpse of today’s school environment to the future generation, by which time it is expected that the education delivery mechanism will see a complete metamorphosis. This is a pioneering initiative of its kind in India.

The capsule contains letters by the students and teachers, highlighting various facets of their school life. We are keeping school newsletters and some other publications, miniature samples of school uniforms, samples of textbooks and exercise books, stationery items etc. A comprehensive school routine and lesson plans of various classes, with sample question papers, are also being sealed in. A digital archive will be stored in the capsule, containing the student database, pictures etc. We have involved all our students in writing about their dreams and aspirations through school's website, which is stored in the archive. It shall be instructed that the students’ expressions should be published, 40 years later, in a suitable format, so as to reach back to them.

The capsule itself is a cuboidal box, made of glass, sealed with nitrogen gas to make an inert atmosphere inside. There is a covering glass structure, shaped like a capsule, which will be vacuum-sealed. The capsule will be stored inside a decorative wooden chest, with instructions on opening the capsule inscribed in its lid.

The ceremonial sealing was done on 4 July 2014 by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, at Science City Auditorium. It is proposed to keep the capsule on display at all times, in the school library. Later, it will be housed in the new campus of South Point.

 Chief Minister's message in Facebook:- 

Today I have attended the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of South Point School. It is one of the premier academic institutions in the country.

Over 60 years, South Point School has successfully contributed to nurturing young students and transforming them to responsible citizens, who are spread all over the country and abroad.

Students belong to our young generation. The future of the country rests on them.

I congratulate the students, the teachers, the parents and the school management on this great occasion. My best wishes are always with them.  


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