I had already written this article How long does MTS take to activate their data card and now let me share my own experience. I purchased one Mblaze Ultra Wi-Fi dongle on 11th of this month and my account activation was done on the 18th evening, that too, after a strong complaint lodged with the department of telecom. Here's what actually happened with me: I was told my activation will be done on the same day, i.e., 11th June by 11 pm. After it didn't happen, I waited and enquired over phone again on 15th June and I heard something amazing.

The selling outlet couldn't find my submitted documents and so they asked me to drop down there again and re-submit my identification papers so that they can activate my data card.
MTS Mblaze Ultra Wi-Fi- data card
When I reached there, they started searching for my papers, and me, waiting with my papers in hand, waiting for re-submission. Later, they found out their fault, apoligized and asked me to go back home, without taking my documents again. They again promised that activation will be done on same date, i.e., 15th June by 11 pm.

Nothing happens. It was Saturday, so I waited. On Monday I called them up again, they again assured me that activation will be done on the same date by 7 pm, but again Monday passed out without activation. Then I decided not to allow them to harrass me anymore and I filed a complaint with the PORTAL FOR PUBLIC GRIEVANCES, maintained by Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances, Govt. of India.

Magically, within 24 hours my activation was done. But sadly, suffering was still left! Now comes another deceptive part of ISP business.

MTS advertisement of 9.8 Mbps 3GPlus speed came greeting me at 2G speeds. It's not even 3G from any point of view. I am receiving 144-160 kbps speeds! And that's exactly what they do to unlimited packs after main free data volume ends up!
Shoud this be my fate after purchasing a product with Rs. 2300? What's your opinion? I have complained again to the department of telecom and I am waiting for an answer. And now let me tell you a surprising story. Another friend of mine who has the same product, gets higher speeds in my same room where my dongle doesn't get that speed! HOW?


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