Photography is nothing new in our lives. However, photography in its digital format, has vastly changed the scenario. What basically changed? Films have been replaced by sensors. Commercial film developing/processing and printing studios have lost their importance. Time and money is saved. Nowadays, photography means, buy a camera and that's it.

Digital cameras are found in mobile phones, tabs and off course, in different formats of cameras. To take and get a photo, now one doesn't even have to learn photography as such. Learning is optional, depending on how far deep one wants to go with it. Now everyone is a photographer, skill is not a must.

Most people, who weren't photography enthusiasts before digital photography came, usually start with a mobile phone camera. Or, maybe with a point-and-shoot (auto) camera. Photos are available at the click of a button. After some months or a year, they want an advanced point-and-shoot camera or a digital SLR camera. Photography enthusiasts, however, want to do more. They tend to grab a dSLR from the begining.

By now, the situation out there is, amateurs and professionals have photographed almost all possible corners of this planet, every human being, beautiful and ugly, and almost all wild animals & birds, insects etc. - whether living, dying or dead, have been successfully photographed and satisfactorily shared in social networks.

Yes, if there was no question of sharing and showing, all these wouldn't have gone this far. Very few people do it for their own happiness. Showing off is a big inclination for many. In the race, that's why, those who fall behind, usually steal pictures. It's all there around us.

So, where do you stand? Do you have a camera? Do you love taking pictures and showing it to people in social networks?


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