Is the online mega store slowly on the way of loosing it's credibility? Many people have complained that they have received a fake item or to be precise, a completely different item than that they ordered! Like, Mahesh Joshi has shared in Facebook that he ordered a Moto G mobile phone but he has received a Wheel Active bar soap instead. In the comments, one Sana Khan also reported of a similar experience and she received a Parle G pack of biscuits!

Flipkart Moto G delivers bar soap
Not only this is surprising, but sad and shocking too! Ordering costly items online, especially electronics, has become risky.

I can share my own experience. I wanted to order a Canon 55-250mm zoom lens from Flipkart; since its a fragile item, I called them up to enquire if they'll allow me to open the packet in front of their courier person and see whether the product has reached in good condition or not. To this, Flipkart flatly declined and suggested that if there's any problem in the product I can opt for a hassle free return of the same.

But what in this sort of a situation where the entire product is missing and a completely different item is in the consignment? Will Flipkart ever believe that a customer didn't receive a mobile phone and instead received a bar soap or a pack of biscuits?

The doubt can go either way! The courier guys may have stolen it, or, a customer may also be lying! This might also be the case that another rival company is bribing the courier guys to damage Flipkart's business reputation. Who knows!

So, for an easy solution to such kind of situations, Flipkart, to save their reputation, must start allowing their customers to open delivery packets as and when its being delivered. If the consignment is opened in presence of both parties, then there may be a good way to solve these issues.

Better if wakes up early, or loose some business carelessly. Personally, after hearing Flipkart's reply to my query, I have decided not to order any costly item online. If I can't trust Flipkart / WS Retail, then I can trust any other online store.

Is listening? Are they really serious about their business and their reputation? the future will tell us! But for now, those people who have been cheated, are feeling helpless and complaning here and there with no significant help in sight.


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