There was a time when many people kept firm hopes on the state owned mobile internet service. The speeds were good, users were happy. But slowly, the service quality dropped, 2G and 3G were combined into a uniform policy, speeds became horribly slow. I had to set aside my plans to keep my subscription alive. On the other hand, Vodafone and Reliance rendered much better services, while Aircel had signal problems in many places of the city.

Vodafone is the best 3G service provider in Kolkata telecom circle. Yes, the price is high, but quality and speed is awesome. This makes a user happy and his surfing experience smooth as silk. Reliance 3G couldn't be so good as Vodafone 3G, I don't know why.

Most importantly, Vodafone's presence in the social networks, especially Twitter, has helped addressing user concerns and problems in a faster way and in a much effective manner. I am happy to have ported two of my Airtel numbers into Vodafone. My relationship with Vodafone started in 1995, when it was COMMAND Cellphone Service by Usha Martin Telecom.

If we take a look at the pricing of the 10GB pack of Vodafone, Aircel & Reliance, the price will come up as Rs. 1251 (9GB in case of Vodafone), Rs. 997 and Rs. 1099 respectively. Clearly, Vodafone's price is higher and allowed data volume is lower. But then, Vodafone 3G speed is superb, Reliance 3G and Aircel 3G is nowhere near Vodafone's speeds. 

I've tried all of them, before writing this out to you. I've tried them over a period of a year or so. Personally, I am overwhelmed with the Vodafone 3G experience. I use it in my Tab and on my touchscreen smartphone. But for the heavy user, monthly, I think many users will find it a bit on the costlier side.

Normally, users tend to go for cheaper packs available in the market. But, in Kolkata right now, I think the users may have to make their choice between 'cheap' and 'quality'.


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