This article is exclusively for the residents in Kolkata, Dr. Lakshmi Narayan Maity is an eminent Ayurvedic doctor and is the founder of the L. N. Maity International Ayurvedic Medical Research Foundation. I first met him through a friend, and off course, the reason why I am writing this article is that I have immense good results after consulting him for several different health conditions.

The super speciality of Dr. L. N. Maity's ayurvdeic medicine is that he makes the medicines he prescribes to his patients in his own home, under his special supervision. He never says he has medicines for every ailment, but if he has a medicine for you, it's bound to give you
best results. Personally, I have gained a lot from his ayurvedic treatments for acidity, gas, liver enlargement, vomiting tendancy, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and also for kidney and prostrate cysts.

Many people search for ayurvedic medicines specifically for men's wellness and female health care. Yes, he has medicines for treatment of these as well! Incidents of ED are on the rise in modern times and people require these medicines for happiness and peace.

Many people are in the search and they try many expensive treatments with pills and herbal supplements but most of those never seem to work or never solve their problems. Reasons may be many, most common is dishonest businessmen exploit people on their weakness point. It's better to consult a doctor who has his own research work published on men's and women's wellness issues and get medicines from such a doctor. Dr. L. N. Maity is one such doctor and he has his research papers right in his chamber for you to see.

Dr. L. N. Maity also does wonderful treatment for female specific disorders.

Write in your comments if you have more questions or if you require further help in contacting Dr. L.N. Maity for consultation.


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