I use Vodafone's night recharge of Rs. 46 via USSD and avail the benefit of 2012 minutes during 11pm to 6am. All was fine for a few months, but recently I am noticing something which is very hard to explain. The voice quality is very poor during night calls but quite fine during the rest of the day time. At first, I thought it may be some disturbance in my handset, so I tested changing between four different handsets - but the problem persists! So it cannot be a problem with my handset, and had it been, how's voice quality fine in day time? I have checked signal strength, it's full.

Now, the question arises, how's this technologically possible? My friend doubts that Vodafone must be employing some unethical means to discourage the use of night recharge? Because 2012 minutes with Rs. 46 is extremely cheap and may be Vodafone cannot afford it.

This recharge doesn't appear on their website. The web recharge offer gives only 500 night minutes with Rs. 47.

I'd wait and communicate this problem to Vodafone and if it doesn't resolve then I'd send the complaint to public grievance portal of government of India.

The last option to port out of Vodafone still remains open!


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