Way back in September 2011, I went to buy a touch screen mobile phone at Nokia's outlet. I had the C7 model in mind. But there I saw Nokia launched the 701 model which was a remake of the C7 model with OS upgrade. I purchased Nokia 701, with the Symbian Belle OS. I was quite happy with it's feather touch gorilla glass screen and it's super fine quality 8 megapixel camera.

Within 15 months, the camera started to give trouble. One day the camera app hanged. The screen went out, there was no display except the necessary icons. This, in the camera mode only. I became sad. Because, for me, the camera was a very important factor as my hobby is photography.

I visited two Nokia Care outlets. Two service centers delivered two different opinions. One said my phone
nokia 701 servicing problem
requires a full format and fresh OS reinstall. Another said that the camera hardware is dead and needs replacement. I was totally confused.

These Nokia Care service centers are privately owned franchise outlets, with technical staff having some training from Nokia. After a few days, the camera started working again! This put me into a thought that perhaps the service center telling me about software problem may be correct. Because, if camera hardware is dead, then how come it started working again?

So I visited that service center for the necessary software reinstalling. To my surprise, this time they talked about the camera hardware being dead. I understood, that living in India, our fate hangs in the hands of God. 

I returned back home, because camera hardware replacement was not possible as Nokia stopped manufacturing the spare parts. Yes, within 18 months of a handset purchase, the telecom giant stopped hardware support for older models.

I decided not to buy another Nokia ever in my life again. The company miserably failed to maintain my confidence on their product quality and durability. My 17k worth phone is now no better than a basic phone with a touch screen and internet browser only. It worked only for 18 months. Sad!


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