The competitor for Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku is coming as Google has announced to launch Android powered TV with it's own set top box, the Chromecast device, which will cost around 35 dollars. It will plug in to any HDTV and enable us to view online videos. Android TV will also include Google apps like YouTube and Hangouts. The question is, how many of us really want to watch online videos in very large screen as televisions? 

In a nation of one billion plus, the internet speed and the price users pay for each gigabyte of data is quite high still now. And, not every video is uploaded in high quality of 720p or 1080p resolution in the online video websites. Viewing the medium or low resolution videos in large screen may not be a good experience altogether.

Personally, I'd never want to watch online videos in large screen. I'd prefer DVDs or Blu Ray discs for that purpose. However, here's a screenshot of Google TV -

google tv screenshot


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