This morning I received a text message from Vodafone that their 3G rates are 2 paise per 10KB. But on the other side, BSNL has slashed tariff as of April 2014 and their browsing rates are 1 paise per 10KB. BSNL network covers 1700 cities and towns all across India, but in many of the places, their signal and speed strength are very disappointing.

BSNL must understand that they cannot survive in the race just by cutting tariff and keeping it lower than all other operators. They have to struggle really hard to increase their signal strength and provide the users with good speed. Customers are paying for it, so they will expect it. But if BSNL believes that with low prices they
can get away with bad services, then they are wrong.

Why only data, BSNL's voice network is, perhaps, also loosing the race gradually. Recently my parents were holidaying in Darjeeling, a very busy tourist destination, and BSNL's voice clarity was worst! I had to talk on the Vodafone network instead of BSNL.

I used BSNL data packs for a while, but their signal strength and speed drastically fell. I am seriously considering a port out. I currently use Reliance network for my data connectivity, but they are no better either, just ok! I know I have to migrate, but whether MTS Mblaze Ultra will be better or Airtel 4G or wait for the Reliance Jio 4G network to launch - I am confused.


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