In my first ever online hotel booking, I was going through available website reviews and I was confused which site to choose. I rang up the hotel of my choice, to my surprise the hotel manager advised me to book through; okay, so I did! But I had queries, like anyone else would have. Trying to contact on's toll-free number put me through 5 minutes of waiting and lastly no one answers, all were busy. Next day I tried to locate if they have any online chat agent available, I found it at and my booking went through. Still, not smoothly.

Here's what happened: the agent Sumit booked my hotel in Darjeeling, Pine Ridge Hotel, but he did so in my name, whereas it was to be done in my father's name. He noted down all details over a phone call but when he raised the hotel booking confirmation voucher, I saw it was in my name.

Next, I was surprised to see that the hotel booking wasn't showing up in my online account on; when I asked the agent, he said it's a separate booking and not connected with my online account. So? There's no record on the site that I have purchased a service from! But I have a userid on their site!

The name change request wasn't finally resolved. My request was only met with an attempt to modify the hotel booking voucher, but that one, surprisingly, printed my name though it's showing my father's name on the screen. Maybe some kind of super-intelligence applied by the booking agent which didn't work. I had to call and tell the hotel manager, who assured me that the name won't be any problem.

On the site, I raised a service request and mentioned about disappearance of my hotel booking transaction. Because, I had lost some reward points, and I also couldn't avail a discount coupon. For 7 days, my issue was never looked at. It's still pending. I posted my experience in Twitter, and then they replied. However, I didn't feel contacting back.

I am not of the opinion that is bad, but everyone has his/her own story of experiences. I just stated mine. If they read this, they'll say sorry, but there are some things which they must take care of! This, in order to give an user nice experience of their services.


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